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Custom Programming Service for Thinkorswim and TradeStation

Do you have an idea for a custom indicator, study, scanner, watchlist column, strategy, or automated trading system, but don't know how to create it yourself? If so, we can create it for you. Just fill out the required fields for a free, no-obligation price quote.

Thank you! Your request has been submitted. We will get back to you soon.

How it Works

1. Enter a description of your idea. Try to include as many details as possible about calculations, conditions, appearance, features, etc. 

2. Based on this information, we will contact you to let you know if your idea is possible, ask some follow-up questions, and give you a price quote. The price will be based on the amount of time and complexity of the project, and will be a minimum of $100.

3. If you would like to proceed with the project, you may be asked to pay in advance. We will send you an invoice via PayPal.

4. When your custom programming is complete and payment has been received, we will send you the finished product.

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