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  • This is a bundle of three volume indicators for thinkorswim combined into one. It includes multi-time frame (MTF) VWAP, Anchored VWAP, and Anchored Volume Profile.


    VWAP, or volume-weighted average price, measures the average price of a security over a certain time period based on the trading volume during that period. This multi-time frame VWAP can show the VWAP calculated on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis, all in one indicator.


    The Anchored VWAP starts calculating the VWAP at a certain date and/or time of your choosing. Instead of calculating the VWAP for a specific period like a day or week, the Anchored VWAP is calculated from a specific point in time to the present. Depending on the point in time that you choose, it can be calculated over a period ranging from minutes to years.


    A volume profile is a histogram that shows the amount of trading volume at each price level over a certain period. The Anchored Volume Profile works similarly to the standard Volume Profile in Thinkorswim, except that it starts calculating at a certain date and/or time of your choosing.


    This indicator works with stocks and futures on all time frames.

    MTF VWAP, Anchored VWAP & Anchored Volume Profile

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