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  • A squeeze is when volatility is very low, and it usually means the market is about to make a big move. This TOS indicator will have a light blue background during this time of low volatility. The three rows of dots represent short-term, medium-term, and long-term momentum. When all three dots are the same color, there is a higher probability of success.


    An entry signal is when the indicator's background is blue (indicating a squeeze), and all three dots are the same color (meaning the short-term, medium-term, and long-term momentum are all in agreement). A signal to exit the trade could be two candles in a row with gray dots in the middle row. This strategy is illustrated with a white line in the second and third pictures. 


    The scanner allows you to search for symbols that are currently in a squeeze and/or have all three momentum indicator dots in the same color. There are also audio alerts to let you know when these conditions are met. The results of the scan can be sorted by how long each symbol has been in a squeeze. This indicator and scanner can be used with stocks, futures, and forex on any time frame. The scanner does not work with tick or range charts. 

    Squeeze Indicator & Scanner

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