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  • Moving averages are one of the best and most widely used technical analysis tools. They can be used for crossover signals, determining trend, filtering trades, and acting as support and resistance.


    The problem with moving averages is that they change depending on what time frame you are using for your chart. This TOS indicator solves that problem by allowing you to see moving averages from up to three different time frames - all on one chart. Each moving average can be individually customized by time frame, length, and average type. Time frames range from one minute up to one month.


    Each moving average will change color depending on whether price is above or below it. Green and red clouds will appear if price is above or below all three moving averages, indicating a strong trend. This indicator can be used with stocks, futures, and forex on any time frame, but it does not work on tick or range charts.

    Multi Time Frame (MTF) Moving Averages

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