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  • This TOS indicator splits the volume bars into advancing and declining volume, based on an entire index or exchange. When advancing volume outweighs declining volume, the advancing volume is shown brighter. When declining volume is higher, the declining volume is shown brighter. This can help determine which direction the market is most likely to move, and it is useful for filtering the direction of trades to take. 


    The cumulative delta indicator calculates the difference between advancing and declining volume, and sums that difference throughout the day. This can help give an indication of the overall trend in the market. You can either show the cumulative delta for the entire session, or show only the delta for each individual bar. 


    There are labels that display the total volume in the regular trading session, the extended hours session, and the average daily volume. The volume indicator also displays the average volume, either based on a simple moving average, or based on the average volume per bar during the previous trading session. If volume is higher than average, the base of each volume bar will have a white triangle. 


    The advancing vs. declining volume and cumulative delta calculations can be based on either the NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX, S&P 500, DJIA, Nasdaq 100, or Russell 2000. These indicators work with stocks, futures & ETFs that track stock indices on intraday time frames. These only work on traditional time frames (not tick or range charts). 

    Index Buy/Sell Volume & Cumulative Delta

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