• This is a bundle of three indicators that help analyze NYSE TICK charts ($TICK) - Extreme Tick Alerts, Tick Divergence, and Cumulative Tick indicators. 


    The Extreme Tick Alerts indicator plots up to four horizontal lines at extreme levels on the tick chart, such as +1,000 and -1,000, and sounds an alert when the ticks reach these extreme levels. When the ticks reach extreme levels, it means the market has exhausted itself, and is severely overbought or oversold, so a reversal is very likely. The extreme levels can be customized to any numbers you want. This indicator also displays a linear regression channel on the tick chart, so you can see the overall trend in the ticks. 


    The Tick Divergence indicator plots buy and sell arrows on the price chart when there is a divergence between price and the ticks, or when the ticks reach extreme levels (like +1,000 or -1,000). These arrows are real-time and do not repaint. It will also give you audio alerts when the arrows appear. You can choose to either show arrows for all extreme tick readings, or just the first extreme tick readings of the day. You can also choose the type of divergence to show - either regular or reverse divergences. A regular bearish divergence occurs when price is making higher highs, while the ticks are making lower highs. A reverse divergence is when the ticks are making higher highs, while price is making lower highs. Bullish divergences are reversed.


    The Cumulative Tick indicator sums the ticks throughout the day to remove the "noise" in the ticks and give you a clearer picture of what the ticks are doing. This indicator can be used to determine the trend in the ticks or to filter the direction of trades to take.


    All three indicators can also be used for other market internals ($TIKI, $TIKND, $TICK/Q, etc.). These indicators work with stocks and stock indices on intraday timeframes.

    TICK Divergence, Cumulative TICK, & Extreme TICK Alert Indicators

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