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How to Import into Thinkorswim

If you are new to thinkorswim, or haven't used sharing links in the past, you may not know how to import our custom ThinkScripts into thinkorswim. There are two different methods to import custom ThinkScripts, which are explained below.

When you purchase a product from our site, your purchase confirmation page (which will also be emailed to you) will allow you to download a pdf document, which will contain a thinkorswim sharing link.

Once you have access to the ThinkScript link, you can follow these steps to import it into thinkorswim:

1. Open thinkorswim 2. Click the "Setup" icon in the upper right corner 3. Click "Open shared item..." 4. Copy and paste the link provided 5. Click "preview", then click "open"

Alternatively, you could simply click on the link, which will open a new tab in your browser. When on this page, you can click on the green button that says "View in thinkorswim". If thinkorswim is open, the script should be automatically imported.

At this point, you will have the opportunity to rename the script. If you choose not to rename the script, it will be called "From_TRADEdgeCodingLLC_on..."

If you need any help downloading our ThinkScripts, please feel free to contact us.

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